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  • Smart

    We are smart people (if you ask us), and we try to hire even smarter people. We adapt to a problem-solving mindset, and we also try to think one step ahead. So when different situation occur – we're ready!

  • Simple

    Smart does not imply complex, quite the opposite. Because why make anything more complicated than it has to be? We're easy-going people and so is our products and our work.

  • Reliable

    We honor our commitments and look out for each other. That may sound cheesy, but being a trustworthy supplier, colleague, workplace and friend is something we value and take pride in.

What's it like to work at Meetio?

  • At Meetio everyone is involved in everything and we never just work with one thing, there's a great variety of things to do.

    Christopher Carlsson

    Tech Lead

Perks & Benefits

The Meetio package

  • Personal Growth

    We want you to grow with us! At Meetio you have to opportunity to create and grow into your dream role.

  • Happenings

    Kick-offs, after-works and other fun stuff. Oh right, we also go on a yearly bonus trip!

  • Insurance

    Complete insurance package. You also get extended compensation when you or your kids are sick and extended parental leave compensation.

  • Fika

    Weekly breakfast and "fika" on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. Also: Free coffee, soda and fruits every day.

  • Choose your own tech

    We won't force a Mac lover to use a PC and vice versa. Choose the equipment that makes you flourish!

  • Get togethers

    Weekly company get-togethers called Meetio Talk where we share insights and knowledge with each other.

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